Privacy & Philosphy #

No necessary third party service
We do not use any third party service in order to serve the basic functionality of this website. GDPR Article 6 1. (b) is applied here. “Processing shall be lawful only if and to the extent that at least one of the following applies: […]
processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract;”

It is your choice
There might be instances where we use third party service in order to improve usability and performance. We always make sure there is an alternative first party solution. Even though this solution is not as good as the third party solution. We believe in giving you the option to pick what you want. You always get all the necessary information in order to make your own decision.

Data protection by design and by default
We strictly follow the principle “Data protection by design and by default” according to Article 25 GDPR. If any third party services are used, we clearly and explicitly ask for your consent of doing so. The consequences of these actions are explained for every case, before you give your consent.

Right to be forgotten
You have the right to get forgetten according Article 17 GDPR. This can be applied to subscription service such as our Newsletter. Please use the unsubscribe link in a newsletter mail in order to execute your right to get forgetten.

We do not use any tracking service such as Google Analytics. We only use anonymized data in order to do basic analytics, such as page views.

No introsive advertising
We need advertising in order to finance our services. We always make sure that the advertising is not introsive. There will never be any flashing advertisings. We also do not believe in irrelevant advertising served by Google, Microsoft or a similar ad driven company. Advertising is always marked as such.

Transparency is very important to us. This includes, but is not limited, advertising or associated companies for authors. At the moment we do not provide any financial reports. The benefits are not worth the effort. This might change in the future and we are open for such changes.