Web of Things & Arduino: Getting started

11 Sep 2021 \
2 minutes \
written by Philipp Blum
Categories: Tutorial

An easy getting started guide for the ESP32 on the Arduino IDE. Start developing your first Web of Things application.

Prerequisites #

If you don’t know anything about the Web of Things, you should read this article before you continue with this tutorial

Install ArduinoJSON #

The Web of Things Arduino implementation requires ArduinoJSON in order to function. Follow the installation guide of ArduinoJSON.

Install AsyncTCP & ESPAsyncWebServer #

Install AsyncTCP

In order to install AsyncTCP, we have to download it from Github. This process is straight forward. Go to the Github repository of AsyncTCP and click on Code → Download ZIP.

We have to do the same for ESPAsyncWebServer. So, go to the Github repository of ESPAsyncWebServer and download the ZIP as well.

Install ESPAsyncWebServer

We have to install both libraries in the Arduino IDE. Open the Arduino IDE and click on the menu Sketch → Include Library → Add .ZIP Library…. Select first the ZIP file for AsyncTCP and repeat the process for ESPAsyncWebServer.

Install Web of Things Arduino #

The process is the same as in the previous step. Download and install the Web of Things Arduino library from the Github repository.

Congratulations #

You have successfully installed all necessary libraries in order to start developing your own Web of Things application. You may want to check out some practical example applications:

Troubleshooting #

Multiple libraries were found for “WiFi.h”

If this happens, you have to go into the directory of your Arduino IDE and delete the WiFi library. Under Windows this might be C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\WiFi and under Linux /usr/share/Arduino/libraries/WiFi The directory may be different for you. So, you have to check that for your situation.