Internet of Things: IoT

Internet of Things (or short IoT) is a word to describe the evolution of connected devices who previously haven’t been connected to the Internet.

From smart home to industrial use-cases. IoT aims to make another industrial revolution possible.
The term industry 4.0 is used to describe this next industrial revolution with IoT. IoT gives us a lot of new opportunity, but also has some risks associated with it. We cover all of those topics and give you all information necessary in order to develop your own IoT solution.


Connect two Web of Things devices with Node-RED

Use Node-RED, Arduino, and Web of Things to easily connect two wireless devices. The OLED display shows the temperature of a sensor placed outside.


Github stars and forks on matrix display

An easy to use application which displays the number of forks and stars of your Github repository on a matrix display.


Web of Things: Speedtest on OLED display

An easy to use speedtest which shows the results on an OLED Display. We use the power of Web of Things to reduce the lines of code we have to write for it.


Web of Things Arduino: Blinking LED

The most simple Web of Things use-case. A simple LED which can be turned off and on via a REST API.


Web of Things Arduino: Matrix display

A Matrix display connected to an ESP32. It exposes a HTTP REST API in order to accept text to display.


Web of Things Arduino: OLED Display

A simple Web of Things use-case. An OLED Display connected to an ESP32. Text can be displayed via a HTTP REST API.